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With over a decade of experience, we have created hundreds of videos for various clients from different parts of the world. We understand that just because we’re right for others doesn’t mean we’re right for you. See the reasons so many people choose to work with Shape below.

The future is now, that’s why we will keep on going, finding original and compelling ways to tell stories through the lens of real life.

Shape Digital Media

What is Shape?

We’re a multinational network of video production professionals who live and breathe our craft. Nothing makes us happier than successful clients. As we like to say, “Our real product is your success.”

We work from startups to 500 fortune companies. We’re experts at shaping your message to stand out in today’s noisy multi-media environment. Our deeply experienced people create beautiful video fast and at a better price than you will find anywhere else.

That makes it easy for you, and it is always fun for us.

Multinational Network

When we say multinational network, we mean multinational network

Our offices are in San Francisco and Mexico. Our team of videographers, voice over talent, producers, writers and editors operate from Europe, Australia, Latin America, South Africa and North America.

This international reach means you have tons of options, styles and diverse ideas at your fingertips, plus a team with the experience to bring it all together.

Why use Shape?

Why use Shape?

Did we mention shaping your message and making beautiful video quickly? That’s what sets us apart. You won’t need to sort through hundreds of freelancers Craig’s list-style, or play phone tag with a local production company for three months. We offer 7 – 14 day turnaround on most projects.

High Quality

The Shape Mission

At Shape, our mission is to deliver the easiest, fastest, highest-quality and most affordable video production experience you will ever have.

“Absolutely recommended. Shape is responsive, flexible, creative and gave us amazing follow through. Five stars!”

Megan Robinson (Sr. Marketing Manager - Powerade)

Need more reasons?

Here are more reasons why our customers keep coming back...

  • More Value to You
    More Value to You

    For us at Shape, we are satisfied only when we are able to add value to your business’s growth. Therefore, we offer high quality video production and animation, responsive communication, unlimited revisions and fast response, at the absolute lowest prices. So no matter what your budget is, we are here to help you achieve your goals without sacrificing quality.

  • Unbeatable Quality
    Unbeatable Quality

    Our prices might be highly approachable but everything we do is with excellence and of the highest quality. Why not check our portfolio to see for yourself?. We deliver what we promised... Fast, high definition video at a fraction of the cost!

  • You name it
    You name it

    No matter the type of video production style you want... we can do it. We specialized in producing high-end videos, from animation, live action to 3D mapping on buildings.

  • Changes? No problem
    Changes? No problem

    We are always happy to make changes to your video to suit your needs because when you are satisfied, we are fulfilled!. So, based on this know-how, we offer unlimited revisions until you are 100% satisfied.

  • We know “time is money”
    We know “time is money”

    In Marketing and Advertising, time is a limited asset. That’s why we have a highly skilled responsive team that will surely deliver your project on time, every time without sacrificing quality.

  • With Shape, everything is included
    With Shape, everything is included

    You won’t have to worry about anything. Within your fixed price, you get script writing, design, animation, voice over, music, sound effects and all the questions you have about your project.

  • We are “all ears”
    We are “all ears”

    From your first question to the end of any project, we are fully available to hear anything you have to say; just call us, write us or message us.

  • Fixed Pricing
    Fixed Pricing

    Our clients feel confident that they will get what they are paying for, with any extra costs, so they can stay in budget. That’s why we offer fixed prices for every second of animation and production day.

  • We move fast
    We move fast

    Imagine you need your video for an important presentation or for a tradeshow... and you think you don’t have enough time... we get it. That’s why we’ll do everything to help you meet your deadline.

  • Crystal Clear
    Crystal Clear

    With Shape, you will always know what you’re getting. No surprises coming from prices, rates or processes.

  • Convincing stories from outstanding scripts
    Convincing stories from outstanding scripts

    For us, writing is craft work. Our top-notch writers will create clear and exciting scripts that tell the story of your brand or product in a way that is appealing to your consumers.

  • Bring your Logo to life
    Bring your Logo to life

    Your Logo is one of the most important assets of your company. From our experience, animating your logo can deliver a more attractive input for your clients. Use it before and after any video, brag about it in social media, YouTube or your website. Click here to see some great samples.

  • A few pencils are greater than one
    A few pencils are greater than one

    A killer marketing video has to be captivating and dynamic, and none of this is possible without a script that can reach and grab even the most passive of viewers... Our team of creative writers can help you come up with the right format, concept, and tone, and craft a video or even audio script that is engaging, powerful, and effective.

  • 1,000 + Videos Made
    100 + Videos Made

    We've created hundreds videos for clients all over the world with 100% satisfaction guarantee... When you choose Shape to create your video, you get nothing but the very best.

  • Citizens of the World
    Citizens of the World

    No matter the language or accent you want your video in, we’ve got you covered. Choose from any English accent (American, Australian, British) of from any language in the world. We can also give your video a different tongues and accents for your specific global needs.

  • YouTube Remarketing
    YouTube Remarketing

    With YouTube Remarketing, you can take our video to the people who previously interacted with your website. Perhaps they don’t have time or simply choose to skip the opportunity, now you can put your video back in front of them to increase your chance of turning them to customers. We will connect you with one of our YouTube experts who will help to activate your marketing campaigns and grow your business.

  • Get your source files
    Get your source files

    Need all you raw files used to create your videos?. We’ll give you so you can edit it on you own... We will always be here should you need us!!!.

  • Suitable for A/B Testing
    Suitable for A/B Testing

    We want your video to be efficient and that’s why we can compare different versions with alternate endings, so you can test which works better.

  • Multiple Voiceovers
    Multiple Voiceovers

    We will produce your video in multiple voice-over from different Voice over artists, so you can test which works better in terms of Accents, language or gender, anything you need.

  • A captivating Landing Page
    A captivating Landing Page

    Grab your audience’s attention with a high converting landing pages and in-built new video to give a very pleasant first impression.

  • Your own Project Manager
    Your Own Project Manager

    Once we start your project, we’ll allocate a dedicated Project Manager for you that you can relate with concerning your project via email, phone or chat.

  • Some Marketing Advice
    Some Marketing Advice

    Whether you have a background knowledge about video marketing or not, you can benefit from our guidance in order to establish a system to maximize reach and results. We can Setup a landing page with high conversion rates for you, help you send motivated leads to your website and convert them into clients.

  • Weekends Included
    Weekends Included

    Our team work 7 days a week to help you meet your deadline so that you can go on and start growing your business.

  • 1-Year Video Warranty
    1-Year Video Warranty

    With the inevitable constant changes in Marketing, we understand you might need some changes on your video. Don’t seat it, we will edit and update your video within the first year for a small fee.

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Schedule a call with one of our expert

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