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Why do we humans love video so much?

What makes video so powerful as an influencer in the marketing arena? What is it about those moving images and sound people find so captivating? It turns out we’re wired to love the video experience, though we might not realize it. Our response to voice and movement relates to video production Survival in humanity’s earliest […]

When to call for help with your digital marketing

You’ve probably been handling digital online content creation in-house and learning as you go. Smart companies eventually come to two conclusions: The process is not an efficient use of staff time. Asking one person to do it takes a big chunk of their work day or (worse) they neglect online creation to tend to other […]

Male vs Female voiceover in your live action or animated explainer

A video production decision people often give little thought to – at first! – is the voiceover talent. It takes some reflection to realize how important this decision is, and even more careful thought to make the best decision for your product. Male or female seems like an obvious first decision. But is it really? […]